Members of the NGO Eesti Kultuuri Koda stand by the Estonian House morally in its regeneration and restoration. (8)
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NGO Eesti Kultuuri Koda’s support for the functioning and continued use of the Toronto Estonian House historical building at 958 Broadview Ave as a centre for Estonians in Toronto and a memorial museum of Estonians in exile

The Toronto Estonian House is critical to all of Estonian culture and identity. It is an internationally well known symbol of the period of Estonian exile. It is the birthplace of significant cultural events and unified endeavours of the Estonian cause, including Black Ribbon Day which in the 1980’s was instrumental in helping bring about the restoration of the independence of the Republic of Estonia. The basement archive at the Estonian House has been like a “forbidden Estonia” collating everything ethnic which in the Soviet occupied Estonia was forbidden and punishable.

Estonia and its culture has again been able to develop freely for an entire generation and we now have more strength to support the Estonian cultural centres in exile which have fostered Estonian ethnicity.

We support the approach that the Estonian House become regenerated and consolidate Estonian culture and businesses and in doing so remain a memorial site of Estonian history.

We support the Estonian House as a valuable location for the development of Estonian culture. At the same time, we also support the idea that no contradistinction need be made between new and old. Instead, they should be implemented as mutually complementary Estonian cultural centres.

The Estonian culture needs both a new Estonian Centre at Tartu College as well as the old historic Estonian House, a building with which we preserve the historic site where Estonian culture and perseverance was fostered during the period of totalitarianism.

Members of the NGO Eesti Kultuuri Koda stand by the Estonian House morally in its regeneration and restoration.

April 19, 2017
NGO Eesti Kultuuri Koda general meeting
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