Questions that Require Answers from the Toronto Estonian Credit Union, Tartu College, the Estonian Foundation of Canada, and Eesti Maja EST, ENG
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What Timing06 Mar 2017 12:01
This should answer most of these questions:-
Krasnov85bocum07 Mar 2017 05:33
a volunteer board member07 Mar 2017 09:23
if "concerned members" could be bothered to volunteer 100's of hours of their personal time on ANY of the "accused" voluntary boards, they would have all of the answers. How easy to sit on the side and demand answers..sorry none of those members have yet additional extra time to deal with you on this page. Come to the meeting March 29th or to any of the organization's AGM's to get the not interested in your excuses of why you can't come
Asja huviline07 Mar 2017 11:54
I find this item very accusatory and negative in tone. I don't doubt that a lot of energy has been expended by those working on the Madison Avenue initiative. It's essential that members of our community attend the March 29th event and work together to seeing this initiative to its conclusion - a beautiful community facility that we can all be proud of.
Lugeja 207 Mar 2017 12:05
2 küsimust

1) Milline on Tartu College tulevik?
2) Kes on Tartu College legaalne omanik?
Johannes Pahapill07 Mar 2017 16:20
Nüüd tuleb jätta küsimused nagu - "miks mitte seda varem pole tehtud"; "miks pole selliisest võimalusest ühiskonda varem informeeritud" jne ukse taha jätta ja olla rõõmsad selle üle, et on leitud võimalus koostööks EESTI Maja, Tartu College'i, Toronto Eesti Ühispanga ja Eesti Sihtkapitali juhtkondade vahel, mis on ka ainus realistlik tee asjale lahenduse leidmiseks!!! Tublid mehed ja naised - nüüd juba täis-purjeis edasi!!!

Karl Otsa08 Mar 2017 08:54

a very fortuitous purchase, given current events.
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