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Roosevelt’s “New Deal”

In the early 1930s Bernard Baruch and General Electric’s president Gerhard Swope and their sympathizers were occupied with the completion of the Soviet Five-Year Plan. But at the same time they were also busy elsewhere. Roosevelt’s “New Deal” was not his own, nor his advisers’ idea. It, too, originated with Gerhard Swope. Herbert Hoover was quite correct, when he named it “fascism”, for Roosevelt’s New Deal really was not anything else but fascism, following the same line as Mussolini’s Incorporated State.

Baruch and Swope were both quite busy building up the Soviet Union, while at the same time busily promoting and even financing Roosevelt. And at the same time they were also promoting the rise of Adolf Hitler of Germany. Roosevelt and Hitler both came to power in the early part of the year 1933. Still in existence are certain documents, which prove beyond doubt that large sums of money were being donated by certain corporations to ensure that Hitler would be elected in Germany. It is quite certain, that part of the donated monies was directed into a special “political expense” fund, which was under the control of Rudolf Hess. (Could that be the reason, why after the war Rudolf Hess was held incommunicado in prison, in strictest isolation, until the day when he died? — H.K.) For instance, there is documented proof, that a sum of 60 000 German Reichsmarks had been mailed into the special fund controlled by Hess through the German General Electric Co. At that time, two of the directors of German Electric Co. were Gerhard Swope, and a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Owen Young. In 1933 such monetary support had great importance to the National Socialist (Nazi) movement in Germany. For one thing, their street gangs needed to be paid.

Taking a look behind the scenes of history reveals how these gentlemen were promoting the three different forms of socialism at the same time. They were completing the Five-Year Plan in communist Russia. And they were the authors of Roosevelt’s “New Deal”. And they were attempting to boost into power Adolf Hitler in Germany. All three at the same time!

The Lend-Lease

During the entire World War II there was a constant shipping of military supplies and equipment from the West, nearly all American, to the Soviet Union. The operation was known as “lend-lease”, which even included a crooked smoking-pipe for “Uncle Joe Stalin” himself. Altogether the entire losses of their military equipment and material during the war were replaced by the West. Looking from the side of the Soviets, the fact that thereby they had gained an entirely new to them technical horizon had even greater importance. By the year 1946 they had learned to modernize their technical and industrial methods, and were able to construct ordinary machinery, but they still needed foreign technology in order to advance further. This remains so, because every socialist community depending on a preplanned economy is not capable of technological development on their own, and any genuine progress can only arrive from outside.

And so then once again the Western businessmen were ready and willing to go and assist the Soviet Union right away. Such activity began once again in 1950s, and even more in the 1960s. It climaxed during Henry Kissinger’s time. From mining equipment to oil drilling machinery to computers, all were moving steadily into the Soviet Union. Chemical products or equipment was the specialty of Armand Hammer. All motor vehicle factories received their entire installations from the West. And with regard to the atomic energy production in Russia it is well known, that the plans and instructions were stolen and taken to Russia by several Soviet agents. But even more important is the question of how did the Soviets get hold of the necessary technology, especially the highly specialized and a sizable quantity of critical components, without which all the plan and instructions would have been absolutely useless?

All this could have originated only in the USA, or in Switzerland, or in England.

Everything from the West!

General Electric locomotives became standard in Soviet Union. The MIG fighters had Rolls –Royce engines in them, when they were in use during the Korean War. And 67% of the hulls of the Soviet merchant ships had been built in the West. And 80% of the Soviet marine Diesel engines were also built in the West. The other 20% were constructed in Russia, but only under the assistance of the technical assistance agreement. There was no such thing, as a marine Diesel engine built by the Soviets themselves!

The computer technology in Soviet-Union derived from IBM and RCA. A British firm - International Computers - turned over to the Soviets their most advanced computer technology. Why? When the Americans do it, why could not the English also do so? Dunlop tire manufacturers gave their tire manufacturing technology to the Russians. When questioned, why, the answer was, because it is business!

Shortly, all Soviet technology from the year 1917 to the present (i.e. to 1981 — H.K.) had been taken to Russia from the West. This conclusion is the result of a very exacting and highly technical analysis. This work has been criticized, but not a single fact presented here has been disproved.

(Please note again: all of Prof. Sutton’s statements presented in this work originated in the year 1981. H.K.)
(To be continued)
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