Wedding couples enticed to tie the knot in Estonia – cheaper price tag is the main draw
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Estonian entrepreneurs in the wedding business are doing their best to tempt Finnish couples to travel across the Gulf of Finland and arrange their marriage in Estonia. Inexpensive prices on associated wedding services are the main draw.

Just around 30,000 couples get married each year in Finland, with trips to the magistrate, and not a church, growing more common. Increasing numbers are also travelling to Estonia to tie the knot.

”We have hosted many ’mixed marriages’, one Finn and one Estonian in the past, but the last three years have also seen several Finnish couples chose to marry here,” explains Tiia Traks, Sales Assistant for the Sagadi Manor in the northern part of Estonia.

Non-traditional Finnish weddings are a popular choice

The majority of Finns still chose a church wedding, but Pastor Maari Santala says that some couples prefer a more ‘exotic’ location. “One of my colleagues married a couple in a boxing ring a while ago.” she says.

Parishes are also starting to offer ’drop-in’ events, where the parish facilities stay open on a specific day and couples can get married on short notice. “Getting married does not always mean you have to throw a gigantic party,” comments Pastor Anita Kyönsaari.
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