Toronto Estonian House shareholders vote in favor of new Estonian center - ERR (5)
Eestlased Kanadas 27 Apr 2017  EWR
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Aili Vahtla, ERR

At a special shareholder meeting on Tuesday evening, shareholders of the Toronto Estonian House voted 67 percent in favor of the Madison Avenue project for a new Estonian center.

In 1960, following years of unsuccessful attempts to purchase real estate and the short-lived ownership of a property on Merton Street in 1959, Estonian House Limited, established in 1951, purchased the former Chester Public School building at 958 Broadview Avenue, where it established the current Toronto Estonian House (TEM).

The original building dates back to 1891, with two additions built in 1963 and 1976 to expand the building for use by various entities, including the Estonian Credit Union (ECU), Heinsoo Insurance, the Consulate General of Estonia in Toronto, a café, a store and a shooting range operated by the Toronto Estonian Rifle and Pistol Club (TERP). The facilities have also been in regular use by the Toronto Estonian Schools, Estonian boy scouts and girl guides, a number of choirs and a folk dance troupe, among other diaspora community organizations.

In recent years, however, both the long-term economic viability of the Estonian House as well as the state of the building itself, in need of prohibitively costly overhauls, have been ongoing sources of concern.
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