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'Tis the season to go out in the forest foraging for seened (mushrooms), see people returning from such jaunts carrying ämbri/täied (bucketfuls) of seened or to go out and buy butter-fried kuke/seene (chanterelle mushroom) flavoured potato chips. Prepared värsketest kartulitest (from fresh potatoes). Potato chips (kartuli/krõpsud) are generally shortened to simply "krõpsud" from the word krõpsuv meaning crunchy (sensation and sound). This is a new flavour of Estrella brand krõpsud. Estrella began making soolased suu/pisted (salty snacks) in Sweden in 1946 and has expanded its Baltic headquarters and tootmine (manufacturing) to Kaunas, Leedu (Lithuania).
The package also announces the potatoes used are the kartuli/saak (potato harvest) hailing from July to October of this year. Päeva/lille/õliga indicates they were prepared using sunflower oil and piiratud kogus means there is a limited amount, hence it's a limited edition. The Estrella Eesti Facebook page advertises that kuke/seened (literally "rooster mushrooms") cannot only be found in the forest... And asks which will you choose: seenel/käik, a mushroom trek, or Estrella värske saak (Estrella's fresh pickings)? Hmm... Can you make soust (sauce) out of the latter and slather it over keedu/kartulid (boiled potatoes)? If not, it's time to grab your korv (basket).

True seene/sõbrad, 'shroomies or connoisseurs, who "stoop low" to gather their treasures would most likely consider these seene/matkijad (mushroom mimickers) beyond low and downright appalling (kohutav). I must say, they taste quite yummy though and have the dangerous addictive quality of most soolased (salty) and rasvased (fatty, oily) snacks. Sõitke seenele instead. Photo and text: Riina Kindlam, Tallinn.
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