This is Lithuania It's gettin' hot in here! March 11, 1990, 50 years of brutal occupation.
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March 11, 1990, Lithuanian parliament rejoice minutes after the Declaration of Independence and Lithuania becoming the very first country to break away from Soviet union after 50 years of brutal occupation.

This is Lithuania
It's gettin' hot in here!
50 things I learned about Lithuania.
1- Lithuanian men are tall.
2- Lithuanian women are beautiful.
3- Lithuanians will complain about the brutal traffic conditions at the same time they have a 150km/h car stopping for him to cross the street.
4- Lithuanian will complain about their public health system while having themselves x-rayed, blood transfused, medicated and brain transplanted for free.
5- Lithuanians like pizza... with katchup!
6- Lithuanians like one kind of basketball: sport!
7- Watch Lithuanian males playing basketball and you will feel like the shortest person on earth
8- Watch Lithuanian females playing basketball and you will feel like the ugliest person on earth
9- Vilnius is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever been to.
10- No matter how cool is Vilnius, Kaunas is better... cause it is!
11- When Lithuanians are heading to the beach it's either Nida or Palanga
12- Klaipeda Is also beautiful...
13- ... but one Lithuanian is either going to the beach, or to Klaipeda. For them, Klaipeda is not at the beach.
14- Lithuanian winter is really really cold. And really really beautiful!
15- People will tell you in March "Fernando, spring is coming!". I left in September. Still waiting for it...
16- Kaunas has more supermarkets than houses.
17- Laisves Aleja is better than Champs Elysee.
18- Lithuanian terrain is flatter than a pancake.
19- Lithuanians claim Nemunas river is poluted...
20- ...Lithuanians don't know Tietê river.
21- Lithuania is a 3 language country. Apart from Lithuanian, people over 35 years old will definitely speak Russian, under 35 will most probably speak english.
22- Lithuanians don't like to admit that "Tu vejo paklausk" is a version of Bob Dylan's "Blowing in the wind"
23- Paklausk is just the best Lithuanian word!
24- Lithuanian beer is phenomenally good! Way way way better than Brazilian, and just as good as Czech.
25- Lithuanian public transport system is 100% efficient.
26- In fact, Lithuanian public transport system is so efficient that 1 KVT bus is worth 5 São Paulo buses.
27- Truth be told, most Lithuanians, when complaining about something in their country, that thing usually ranks among the top 30 countries in the world.
28- You (generaly) don't have to pay to get into night clubs!
29- If you speak Lithuanian language fluently, learning another language will be the same as giving a "2+2=x" equation for a Harvard math PhD to solve.
30- People leave (or want leave) Lithuania to work in UK. Sometimes for summer, sometimes not.
31- When they get back, they realize how green and beautiful their country is
32- Lithuanians have a beautiful patriotism
33- If you are in a club when it's independence day, you will see from the most drunk person to the angriest security man stopping 4 minutes to sing in unison Lithuanian Anthem (awesome!)
34- Lithuanians think their country is not so safe...
35- Going from outskirts of Vilnius, to Vilnius Downtown and then to Old Town will take you respectively to year 1965, 2040 and 1600.
36- Vytautas. He is the man.
37- Karalius, Pica and Sriuba... Brazilians, that's not what you are thinking...
38- All 3 million Lithuanians have on thing in common: Trys Milijonai lyrics on the tip of their tong.
39- Kibinai from Trakai. That's what I'm talking about!
40- The woman speaking in Kaunas trolleys is so repetitive that when I was going to give someone my number I almost gave 80070010...
41- Vilnius nightlife is way way better than São Paulo's, considering you don't pay to get in most places, there are all sort of clubs, more international people and music is more varied.
42- Lithuanian internet is so fast that it almost published this ranking before i finished writting it.
43- If you look latin, you will hear: "You are here for Erasmus, right?" hourly.
44- Don't know Lithuanian? Learn this: "Nezinou", "nesupranto" and "tavo grazos akys".
45- Older Lithuanians know more about Brazilian soap opera then I do.
46- If you are Spanish and vegetarian, watch out for Cepelinai su Mesa. "Su mesa" is something else, ok?
47- You will learn in practice that triangle down means man, triangle up means woman.
48- Although Kefyras' box looks similar to milk's, its not milk. It was milk 93 years ago, but now it is... kefyras.
49- Ezys, Labas, Bite... all reliable, cheap, fast and easy to use.
50- Kita stotele, Cecenijos Aikste... I still hear that in my dreams.
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