The Singing Revolution plays Victoria (1)
Archived Articles 14 Apr 2008 Eva VabasaluEWR
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The Cinecentra in Victoria will be showing The Singing Revolution from April 29 to May 3rd. Other theatre listings are available at the including a wealth of background information about the movie.

If you wish to have the film come to your community 1500 online votes will bring the film to your city or area. DVD’s will be available on the website when the theatre run is completed.

Clearly it is a good film. The cinematography of this Estonian epic film is wonderful with excellent footage of the 30,000 "laulupidu" singers on stage.

A really big show! Linda Hunt’s narration is exemplary, it's no wonder she has been previously awarded 2 Obies and a Tony nomination. The film reviews have been favourable overall, high praise shelled out particularly by Matt Zoller of the New York Times.

Since this political thriller has not yet recovered it costs it is strongly urged that you see it and spread the word about the film, after all its about time there was a good movie that told the tale of Estonia’s political history, its struggle for freedom, and to finally pay tribute to a country forever altered by the catastrophic years of 1939 to 1949.

Fortunately, the film does not dwell heavily on the negative and it does not incite hatred. Rather it is a good story illustrating the great power of choral music and reveals what happens when the momentum of song and advocacy intersect with political timing.
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