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The Montreal Estonian Society Celebrates! Past, Present and Future
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The Montreal Estonian Society Celebrates!
Past, Present and Future
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Dear Friends:

The Montreal Estonian Society (MES) has served the social and cultural interests of Montreal’s Estonian community for 82 years. Founded in 1933, it is the oldest continually functioning Estonian Society in Canada.
At its inception, there were about 40 Estonian-Canadians in Montreal. The activity of the MES slowed during World War II, but picked up rapidly in 1947 with the arrival of post-war immigrants. The number of Estonians in Montreal rose to almost two thousand in the following years, but began to decline in the late 1970s. With the restoration of Estonian independence in 1991, a younger generation has begun to show a strong interest in its heritage and culture.
Today, our community is at an important crossroads. As we celebrate our many achievements, past and present, we need to plan for our future. Our institutions are aging and the demographics are shifting. In order to strengthen our community, Lättemäe and the MES amalgamated into one non-profit organization in October 2014.
We hope you believe, as we do, that the Montreal Estonian community will continue to remain viable for generations to come. With your financial support, we hope to build a bridge to a strong future.
To this end, the MES is embarking on a campaign to raise $75,000. Funds are needed to restore and renew the infrastructure at Lättemäe (located halfway between Montreal and Ottawa) and to create an endowment fund for the long-term up-keep of the property.
It is an ambitious undertaking, but together we can have a positive impact on the future of the Estonian community in Montreal, as well as our friends nearby and abroad.
You can make a difference. No donation is too small, please give generously.
To celebrate our community and to bring together Estonians, Montrealers and our supporters from across the country, we are planning several events for Labour Day weekend 2015. Mark it on your calendars – you will not want to miss it! Details will be announced very shortly.

Donation forms can be downloaded at:

Karl J. Raudsepp
Montreal Estonian Society
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