Survivor Week 2016! (1)
Eestlased Kanadas 25 Jul 2016 Eric TiislerEWR
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This was the 6th season of “Survivor Week” at the Seedrioru Estonian Summer Camp outside of Elora, Ontario. This program is based on the traditional Scout model of “teach a child a skill and let them lead”. Children were taught basic wild edibles, knots, wood carving, archery and lashings (tying rope and wood together to make structures). These skills are then tested using fun activities such as a raft building competition or “Skills Competition”, to verify that the skills were learned and practiced. Layering of traditional Estonian music, history, traditions and language is interlaced to allow for a culturally rich experience. Their final reward was an overnight camp on the beautiful Grand River where they created their own shelters and slept peacefully by the river’s edge. This year, the older participants decided to try making a Forest Sauna (Metsa Saun) as part of their independent, project based challenges!

The parents were invited to enjoy a traditional large campfire on the final Saturday night and listen to the music the children had practiced throughout the week. Needless to say, the skits were also very entertaining!

Suur Tänu!
This is all thanks to the hard work and dedication to the many volunteers made time to make this wonderful event! Special thanks go to Eerik Aljas, Lisa Ross, Krista Koger, Kaara Mirka Van Meggelen  and Toomas Aasa and dedicated their week to make things happen! Thanks to the many people that donated their time and energy to creating wonderful meals for the kids to enjoy! And of course, kudos goes to hard working Kasvatajad and especially Juhataja Helena Doughty for keeping it all arranged! It was a great team effort!!!

Eric Tiisler
Seedrioru Survivor Week Program Director

Photos: Martin Kiik
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