Sergei Ivanov advises Russians to shun Estonia (18)
Archived Articles 10 Apr 2007 Adu RaudkiviEWR
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The "Bronze Soldier" affair, where the Russian version of the "Unknown Soldier", now planted in the middle of Tallinn is about to be moved to a cemetery, is continuing to heat up relations between Estonia and Russia, reports the BBC.

"I'm calling for a boycott," First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Sergei Ivanov told armed forces veterans in Moscow on April 3rd. "It is not a question of state sanctions. I'm talking about the individual's stance. Don't buy Estonian food, don't go on a holiday in Estonia, go to Kaliningrad instead for a holiday."

For the years of Estonian re-independence the Bronze Soldier, a symbol of brutal soviet repression has been a slap in the face to most Estonians.

The move to the graveyard, passed by the Parliament, was vetoed by President Toomas Hendrik Ilves. However it has been indicated that Prime Minister Andrus Ansip might yet push it through.

Since Ivanov is well in the lead in the running for President (current President Vladimir Putin is not allowed another term in office by the Russian constitution), this makes whatever he says quite important and not just posturing.

Ivanov also said Russia should complete construction of the Ust-Luga port on the Baltic as soon as possible, "so as not to fatten the budget of Estonia, in whose ports 85% of the cargo is Russian."
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