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Seedrioru Song Festival and Estonian Days in San Francisco– some common denominators
Kultuur 12 Jul 2013 EL (Estonian Life)Eesti Elu
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Andres Raudsepp

An Estonian Song Festival in Canada and the West Coast ESTO Days in the USA. Only six days apart! And for participants at both super-events, quite a few common components.

Yes, the dates were close: June 22 and June 28 to July 1. The two locations, Seedrioru, near Elora, Ontario and San Francisco, California, could not have been different.

Arriving in Frisco a day early with Seedrioru still on my mind, I immediately became aware of some common denominators. And this in spite of unique features at LEP-ESTO, such as the fantastic ballet performance at the opening gala.

Contemplating the purpose of attending both events, I realized that both were umbilical connections to being a global Estonian. The main task for many of us from the Toronto choral scene was also to make a contribution to Estonian music. And in terms of family groups coming to the west coast, we wanted our sons and daughters to be more aware of all this.

Within the four-day LEP-ESTO (The West Coast Estonian Days and Worldwide ESTO Festival), it became obvious that the song festival concert was at the heart of the event. With all the heartfelt beauty that this entails, the well-known conductor-composer Roman Toi likes to call this traditional event ESTO’s Christmas Tree. (Loe pikemalt Eesti Elu 12. juuli paberlehest )
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