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Suvihari – June 14

The cliche that something old is new again has a special meaning for Seedrioru. For the last few years camping in the summer months has been the major activity but the times are a changing. In the olden days Seedrioru was utalized year round -summer and winter. Sometimes cars were parked at the bridges and people actually had to walk so that they could spend the day skiing, skating tobagganing. Young and old alike participated. Cross countrying skiing was an intregal part of the day and evenings were spent singing and dancing.

Home improvements is the buzz word in provincial terminology and Seedrioru is keeping up with the times. Major renovations have taken place and are continuing to do so at the main lodge or " Soogi Saal ". The hall is gearing up for celebrations whether it is a birthday, an anniversary or confirmation party. Family reunions are welcome along with corporate groups.

Phase one of the rennovations has been completed .The tired old oil furnaces have been replaced with a modern propane one allowing for winter activities and in the summer when the heat becomes oppressive we can now turn on air conditioning . Food is part of our culture and the sparkling kitchen entices gourmets to produce delacacies .Stainless steel counters gleam beside the new commercial dish washer and a brand new island waits food preparation .This was generously donated by the Estonian Society of Kitchener along with some private individuals. A plague reveals the contributors. Take a peak when you vist Seedrioru during Suvihari June 14th.
Phase two will be completed in September. New doors and windows will be installed as well as two new washrooms.

Come to Seedrioru and enjoy our beautiful natural environment and fresh air - it is a place that will remain in our hearts forever .
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