Searching for information about Julius Idavain
Eestlased Kanadas 17 Sep 2013  EWR
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I am hoping you may be able to assist in my search for relatives of my mother.

We have searched for many years for her uncle Julius Idavain and have recently discovered that he passed away 15th November 2000 in Toronto. This of course has made us very sad. We do know that he married a lady called Leonora and would love to try and find her. We have found a obituary for Julius Idavain in a newspaper dated 16th November 2000 called Vaba Eestlane.

Any information you may be able to tell us would be greatly appreciated as we would love to find out about Julius and his wife. Julius left Liverpool UK in 1948 ish not long after his brother Eduard had died. This is the last time my mother saw him and she remembers receiving letters from him with the Ontario postmark.

Hoping you may be able to help us.

Many thanks
Anne-marie Dixon
48 Dalkeith Road
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