‘Ribbentrop’ John Bolton (16)
Archived Articles 21 Apr 2006 J-NENEWR
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“Unconfirmed” US Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton is George W. Bush’s Ribbentrop for the neo-con agenda. Joachim von Ribbentrop, hanged in Nuremberg for Nazi war crimes, was the diplomatic face of the Nazi German Regime. John Bolton, former patron of New York City’s now defunct swinger’s club, Plato’s Retreat, is the Bush Administration’s diplomatic face at the UN. The only difference between the two is that Ribbentrop was a successful diplomat captivating the English, the French, and Soviet counterparts, according to many Allied diplomats prior to the war. The same cannot be said of Bolton, who has managed to alienate just about every UN ambassador and official.

It is clear that Bolton, whose candidacy for the UN post could not muster enough congressional support and was driven through by force, is the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Wolfowitz Pearl clique’s choice to stir things up with Iran and help with the ultimate goal: the destruction of the UN system. This has been a prized goal for Bolton ever since he worked as a staffer for the racist right-wing North Carolina Senator, Jesse Helms.

2005 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mohamed ElBaradei has been a particular target for his undiplomatic and uncouth wrath. At a time when Iran is attempting to establish diplomatic back channels to the Bush regime through ElBaradei and European diplomats, these efforts have been scuttled by the neo-cons surrounding Bolton. UN insiders report that in the lead up to Iraq 2 war, Bathinsts opposed to Saddam attempted diplomatically to contact the Bush regime before the all-out blitzkrieg bombing of Baghdad.

The US has been held in low esteem in the UN for moving the US Mission to a site conducive for disruptive attacks on the UN (140 E 45th St); the regime march to war with Iran; the scrapping of Palestinian-Israeli Accords; the isolation of Syria, Venezuela, North Korea, and other countries. Other crimes include the abuses in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, renditioning (kidnapping), intense interrogation techniques (torture), secret CIA prisoner flights (Tallinn Jan. 12/03); opposition to the International Criminal Court and the Human Rights Council; opposition to the Kyoto Protocols; and disregard for international law. The world’s only remaining superpower could not get the 96 votes it needed to get a seat to be elected to the Human Rights Council.

Did Estonia have a choice for the (third road) ‘KOLMAS TEE’? I think not. Remember what Molotov told the Latvian delegation in Moscow before the Winter War: “you small nations have no future.”

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