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A meeting regarding the Broadview Avenue Planning Study is being held on Wednesday, April 26th at 10:00 am at the offices of the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) located at 655 Bay St., 16th floor. This prehearing involves parties, including Estonian House Limited and Alterra Development Group, who wish to seek relief from the City of Toronto's 6 storey height restrictions (20 metres) currently stipulated under the Broadview Development Plan.

Documents submitted to the OMB, and attached below, are in support of an application representing the interests of the Estonian House Limited and their co-applicant Alterra. The documents state that relief is being sought for a mixed-use development at 958 Broadview Ave that will help Estonian House "remain" in the community. (See pages 4 and 5). The submission notes the long and cherished history Estonian-Canadians have shared with their neighbours as well as the Estonian programs that are hosted and supported through the operations of the House; including: Estonian language school, scouts, guides, folk dancing, choirs, the credit union, consulate offices and so on. The application underlines how vital the location has been to Estonian-Canadians over it's 50+ years.

The documents supporting the application to keep the Estonian House in a redevelopment partnership with Alterra are provided below. Also included is a separate file of documents by various respondents representing local residents who wish to promote the "heritage" designation of the former Chester Hill School portion of Estonian House.

To support Estonian House located at 958 Broadview Ave in its efforts to gain relief from the 6 storey height restrictions mandated in the Broadview Development Plan, you are welcomed to attend the open public meeting at OMB offices on April 26th at 655 Bay St., 16th floor, at 10:00 am.

Please review the documents provided and ask any questions you may have to the parties involved in regard to how these documents relate to the statements published in October 2016. As these are public documents, retrieved from the OMB offices on April 7th, 2017, it's best that you draw your own conclusions and form your own questions and opinions.

Allan Meiusi

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