Open Letter to Canadian Government on Russian Invasion of Georgia (12)
Archived Articles 15 Aug 2008 Estonian Central Council in CanadaEWR
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Canadians of Estonian heritage are deeply troubled and appalled that the Russian Federation is able to invade, with impunity, the sovereign state of Georgia, while the international community does not intervene.

The mounting tensions between Georgia and Russia are the result of Russia actively destabilizing the Georgian regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. For many years Moscow, with its military presence on location, has engendered a climate of confrontation and conflict in these regions. Close observers have often noted that the expansionist aims of the former Soviet Union are a legacy to the Russian Federation in the form of its current international ambitions.

The Russian armed aggression has implications for not only the region surrounding Georgia and its neighbours, but also has a dramatic impact on all the militarily weaker countries in proximity to Russia. Russia’s menacing presence to neighbouring states and its ability to use military force to realize its goals acts is intimidating enough. But it’s also a stark reminder of the Soviet Union’s capability of forcibly holding dozens of nations captive for half a century.

It’s not unrealistic to create a scenario wherein Russian nationals resident in adjacent countries seek „military assistance“ from „mother Russia“ in „protecting their rights“. In the abscence of any realistic and effective international intervention, a Russian military gamble will again be immune to world reaction.

We urge the Canadian government to help facilitate an immediate cessation of of armed conflict and to compel Russia to remove all its military units from Georgia’s sovereign territory.
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