Olympic gold medalist Adam Kreek to cross the Atlantic in rowboat
Eestlased Kanadas 30 Dec 2012  EWR
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Olympic gold medal winner and proud Estonian- Canadian Adam Kreek is getting ready to cross the Atlantic in an 8.8 meter rowboat.

From The Globe&Mail, Dec 29, 2012

Not that it’s going to be a pleasure cruise, what with four guys cramped in an 8.8-metre-long rowboat in the middle of the Atlantic, dodging waves, avoiding tanker ships, using a bucket for a toilet. But for those moments of kick-back relaxation, Adam Kreek is bringing his mandolin.

He figures he’ll have a little time here and there to practise and get his mind off all those endless hours of rowing, from Senegal to the United States, close to 3,700 nautical miles – some 6,000 kilometres. Just four guys taking two-man shifts. Nothing but oars without shores for as many as 100 days, depending on the conditions.


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