Nashi to protest in Brussels (1)
Archived Articles 26 Sep 2007  EWR
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(REF/RL) – The pro-Kremlin youth organization Nashi (Ours) announced in a press release on September 25 that four of its members will soon launch a weeklong "antifascist marathon" protest outside the offices of the European Commission in Brussels, Interfax reported. The statement said that "the protesters will attempt to draw the attention of members of the...commission to the criminal cases against former Latvian and Estonian presidents accused of supporting and spreading fascism, inciting racial intolerance, and [carrying out] crimes against humanity."

The protest will also include banners and posters calling attention to an alleged "brown fever" in Estonia and Latvia. Nashi members have previously harassed British and Estonian diplomats in Russia. Many Western commentators and members of the Russian opposition have compared Nashi and similar organizations to the Hitler Youth because of their dogged pro-regime loyalty, intolerance, and aggressive tactics.

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