Mosquito Shield featured on Dragons' Den (2)
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Mosquito Shield, one of the products marketed by Estonian-Canadian entrepreneurs Ron and Heidi Kuus of KUUsport will be featured on the Dragon's Den program on December 8.

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Heidi writes:

We now have confirmation that Mosquito Shield will be on the December 8th episode of Dragons' Den at 8:00p.m. eastern time in Canada. Be sure to tune in, and post your replies on CBC's website, or directly to us, as we would love to hear from you.

For those that can't watch it on T.V. Monday night, you can also go to the CBC website and watch it there. episode 11.

Dragons' Den is a show where small businesses can pitch their products and services to 5 very successful and very rich business personalities; if they like what they hear and see they will make an offer for equity in your business.

I know many of you were tuning into the Dragons' Den.... week-after-week ...waiting to see us.....we were also starting to wonder when we were going to be aired....hopefully you got hooked on the show and continue to watch. I was told at a Dragons' Den forum (to promote the show) this past Wednesday that their viewership is growing steadily. We also found out that there were about 200 businesses that pitched to the dragons and that only half of them were shown. There were even a number of businesses that pitched, got deals with the dragons but will not be aired (producers and editors discretion). So we are happy not to be on the editing floor!

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