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The MES, with financial support from the National Estonian Foundation of Canada, organized its third annual golf tournament and supper on August 1st at the Auberge Oasis near Lachute. This tournament has now become the most prestigious event on the QUESTO Golf Tour and is now attracting not only the best QUESTO golfers but top notch golfers from across the border. This year a team of EGOists from the Toronto area participated in the tournament. They were smartly dressed in black t-shirts, adhering to the basic principle of golf, that to play well you must look good, and if you can’t play well, at least you must look good.

On Friday morning some 50 golfers hit the links, often more often than golf balls. As has been the case all summer, the weather gods had sent ominous dark clouds to the skies above the golf course, but the QUESTOs and EGOists were undaunted by mere dark clouds and a few drops of rain. The day was actually quite glorious and sunny. When there are cases of SAKU beer to be won, neither mere mortals nor weather gods can keep Estonian golfers from pursuing their favourite sport.

Given the high calibre of golfers and the value of prizes to be won, it was not surprising that the competition was very intense. As in previous years, the organizers had the foresight to engage the services of QUESTOs top officials to judge the competition and ensure that there were no unestonian actions taken by the golfers in pursuit of victory. Anne and Peeter Altosaar, QUESTOs, most senior and respected judges were on hand to adjudicate the ‘closest- to-the-hole’ contest. All the golfers showed great respect for their judgment which in no way was related to the fact that they were handing out popsicles to every golfer. The other judges were Ene Tikovt and Elvi Edwards, the two foremost female QUESTO officials from Ottawa who judged the ‘most-accurate-drive’ contest. Ene always ensures that everything is done by the books, whether on the golf course or at the Carleton University Library. Elvi is always able to detect any false artistry in golf and on canvas.

At the end of the day, the judges made an official announcement that they were satisfied that none of the competitors had taken performance enhancing drugs. This announcement was made after they had examined all of the scores. The officials had disallowed a request by the EGOist team doctor, Dr. Jaan ‘Saku’ Schaer that his team be allowed to drink SAKU during the game. Drinking SAKU was considered a completely Estonian activity but it was not a reasonable accommodation that could be made in Quebec before noon. Unfortunately, in some categories the officials were unable to announce final results. This was the case in the categories of who lost the most golf balls and who found the most golf balls. There are still unconfirmed reports that some golfers (we do not wish to mention Peeter Tikovt and Jaan Raudsepp by name) are still in the woods looking for golf balls. The teammates of the golfers in the woods deny categorically that they drove off in their golf carts in undue haste while their meticulous teammates were still looking for golf balls. In other categories the officials were able to announce final results as follows:

Golf prizes:
NEFC (ESK) Scholarship: Leif Tiltins $1,000.
Le Gourmand restaurant gift certificate: Heiki Kolga $100.
MES Trophy + 2 cases SAKU (lowest team score)
1 case SAKU (2nd lowest team score)
1 case SAKU (3rd lowest team score)
Trophy + Saku stuff for ‘Most Accurate Drive’ (male): Raimo Heyduck
Trophy + Saku stuff for ‘Most Accurate Drive’ (female): Anu Nerska
NEFC trophy (2006): Matt Raudsepp
NEFC trophy (2007): Ciara Raudsepp-Hearne
MES Golf medals:
- 4 for lowest team score …
65 (6 under par): Alex, Greg, Matt & Paul
- 4 for 2nd lowest team score …
71 (even par): Heiki, Ilmar, Tiiu & Valdeko
- 4 for 3rd lowest team score …
79 (8 over par): Bill, Geoff, Geraldine & Mark
- 4 for most honest team score …
97 (26 over par): Leif, Liana, Krista & Stephanie
- 1 for youngest golfer: Liana Kohlap
- 1 for the participant whose name begins with the same letter as the welcoming golf
course, Oasis: Tõnu Onu
- 1 for participating from farthest away: Heiki Tamm
- 1 for closest to the hole (NEFC – Esto student): Leif Tiltins
- 1 for closest to the hole (non student): Heiki Kolga
- 1 for the participant from furthest away: Heiki Tamm
- 1 for the participant who has purportedly read over 300 golf books: Jaan Raudsepp
- 1 for the particiant who is celebrating his birthday on Aug. 1st: Ray Filip
- 1 for the participant who is an Ontarion VP: Jaan Schaer

This year, in addition to the golf prizes, there was great excitement caused by the prospect of winning valuable prizes in a raffle which was organized to raise funds for Lättemäe. The first prize was a trip for two to Mexico, donated by Transat Holidays, second prize was a painting donated by Elvi Edwards, a well known artist in the Ottawa area and who grew up in Montreal as Elvi Kannelmäe and finally a putter donated by the MES.

Transat Holidays (trip for two to Mexico): Mark Altosaar (value - $3,500.)
Elvi Edwards painting: Raoul Langvee (value - $700.)
Putter: Rein Maasik (value - $159.95)

Finally a huge thank you must be said to the organizers of the tournament, particularly Karl Raudsepp, who was here, there and everywhere and proved that some musicians not only are able to make music but are also able to conduct a whole 18 movement symphony ending with a grand finale dinner.
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