Message from the Prime Minister
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Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Canadians have good reason for celebration in 2012 as we mark the Diamond Jubilee of our head of state, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. For only the second time in our history, we will honour the 60-year reign of a Sovereign. The Queen has dedicated her entire life to the service of others and has always held this country and all Canadians in the deepest of pride and affection.

During Her Majesty’s 2010 Royal Tour, her 22nd tour of Canada, The Queen made a very simple yet most profound statement; declaring that it was good “to be home”. From the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway to Expo 67; from the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics to the Bicentennial of New Brunswick and Ontario; from the 125th anniversary of Confederation to the 100th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Navy, The Queen has been with us in celebration of who and what we are as a proud confident people. Her Majesty eloquently summarized this sentiment when she said: “It is a privilege to serve you as Queen of Canada to the best of my ability, to play my part in the Canadian identity, to uphold Canadian traditions and heritage, to recognize Canadian excellence and achievement, and to seek to give a sense of continuity in these exciting times in which we are fortunate enough to live.”

Canada has always had a monarch - since the time of King Henry VII of England and King Francis I of France. In celebrating Her Majesty The Queen and the institution of the Canadian Crown (The Queen, the Governor General and the Lieutenant Governors) in this Diamond Jubilee Year, we also celebrate her ideals and dedication to service as an example to us all. In organizing grassroots festivities around our country, Canadians will be honouring Her Majesty and, in the process, fellow Canadians and their service to community and country. By so doing, we will not only be saluting Her Majesty but also the values of what it means to be a model citizen of our great country.

I encourage you to actively use this website to learn more about the Canadian Crown as well as to plan and deliver your very own Diamond Jubilee celebrations in ways that are most meaningful to you, your family, and your community. As we mark 60 years of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, let us also mark our collective pride in this magnificent country that remains the envy of the world.
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