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Like ‘em or dismiss ‘em as just the latest among many Estonian thump’n’bump musicians with a clever sense of humour, Kreisiraadio has been selected to represent Estonia at the annual Eurovision, an event certainly no worse than the Grammys for the “we love you and we want to change the world” (please conveniently forget that we will make major money in the process) factor.

Eurovision is being held this year in Belgrade, and Kreisiraadio, featuring Hannes Võrno, Tarmo Leinatamm and Peeter Oja won Estonia’s popular vote with “Leto Svet”, singing in Serbian first, perhaps in deference to the hosts, and we are not quite sure which other European languages these lampooners of popular taste chose to sing in next. In Estonian we would call this a “paras pila pullivendadelt.” Sorry, this choice of words escapes translation. (A fitting frolic from the Bullbrothers?)

Oh yeah, translation required elsewhere. Leto svet translates into sweet light, summer light or sweet world, depending on the Serb you ask for a translation… It is a Balkan lovefest, that is all. Really. Forget history. All for fun. Truly.

YouTube offers a number of versions of Estonia’s latest entry into this, a theoretically pan-European musical popularity contest, alas decided by audience vote.

Many thanks to Andrus Peegel for both the excellent drawing above and ideas on which to expound.
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