Klaus Härö On 'The Fencer', Repping Finland At The Oscars: “Humbled Just Being Here”
Kultuur 11 Dec 2015  EWR
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By Ross A. Lincoln November 11, 2015
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If you haven’t yet seen The Fencer and it’s possible for you to do so right now, stop reading this and check it out. We’ll wait. The film is a dramatization of the life of Endel Nelis, an Estonian Fencing coach who established a school in the Soviet 1950s that still trains fencers to this day. The film weaves autobiographical details with the facts of life for Estonia during the 50s – Stalinism, Soviet occupation, secret police and the huge number of children whose fathers had died during World War II – for a story that feels, for lack of a better way to put it, 1/3 The Karate Kid, 1/3 Dead Poets Society, and 1/3 Animal Farm. Though filtered through a touching character study of a man struggling to escape his past...............................

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