Kaljurand: we must grasp the global nature of the migration crisis (1)
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20. June 2016
Statement by Foreign Minister Marina Kaljurand on World Refugee Day:

Today, on World Refugee Day, we turn our thoughts to the millions of refugees who are forced to leave their homes due to wars, conflicts and persecution. Alleviating these human tragedies is a major challenge, which requires international cooperation.

Although according to newspaper headlines, the migration crisis is seemingly a European concern, we need to grasp its global nature. The migration policy of the European Union and member states of the Council of Europe must support the continued well-being and solidarity of European societies and at the same time, must help to find solutions for countries in crisis areas and for the countries around them with large refugee communities. The Common European Asylum System, effective border control, cooperation with third countries, and safe and legal migration routes are components of a comprehensive solution for combating human trafficking. Humanitarian aid and development cooperation, as well as trade, are important activities in alleviating the root causes of the migration crisis and protecting the most vulnerable groups affected by the refugee crises, particularly children.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Communication Department
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