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We are now planning our 56th Estonian heritage summer camp program and this year, every week at Jõekääru will be an opportunity for children to practice and develop their Estonian language skills. With an advanced immersion program including instruction in Estonian and instructors and counselors from Estonia, children of all language levels, will benefit from a truly inclusive and Estonian-rich heritage program. With the desire to strengthen our culture we are committed to an Estonian speaking camp and have added extra provisions (like dedicated Immersion staff) to enable all children to learn Estonian. By sending your child to Jõekääru, your child will benefit from being immersed in the language through daily routines, music, sports, arts, Estonian culture and long-lasting Estonian friendships.
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Jõekääru creates an active and exciting Estonian summer camp environment by continuously adding value to our programming, resources and facilities. Jõekääru is a place where children have so much fun they don’t ever want to leave! Be a part of this Estonian legacy and help us foster future generations of Estonian-speaking children by sending your kids to Jõekääru this summer!

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