Ilves received an academic award as a spokesman for democratic values and for the promotion of digital society
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The Dean of Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy from Tufts University of Massachusetts, United States of America, former admiral James G. Stavridis, awarded the Fletcher School Medal of Honor to President Ilves; the award was established in 1983 as an acknowledgement to leaders who promote global peace, prosperity and justice.

Admiral Stavridis, the former US European Commander and NATO Supreme Allied Commander, acknowledged the Estonian Head of State for his work as a promoter of global policies and spokesman for democratic values and, above all, developer of cyber defence and digital society in Estonia and at international level, including his efforts as the European Union e-health and the so-called Cloud work group leader.

"Your activities serve to promote these very goals that we attempt to achieve by educating international leaders in our university," Dean Stavridis said.

President Ilves met today with students of the Fletcher School's global top level professional master's degree programme, who are currently on a two-week study tour of Estonia. The Head of State and his guests discussed the foreign and security policy situation in Europe and the trans-Atlantic axis; Estonia's cyber defence and e-governance solutions were also discussed.

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