Here we are, here we should stay - Estonian House 2017 (8)
Eestlased Kanadas 20 Apr 2017  EWR
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Video Aleksander Meiusi.
We invite you to come on a short journey through the Estonian House as it is now and a fresh perspective for its future. Let’s look at the Estonian House with a renewed sense of hope. This video is a seed to germinate new ideas. Let’s appreciate the many benefits of our Estonian House, its community; its historic roots, its beautiful surroundings and breathtaking view of Don Valley Ravine. Sometimes the smallest steps in the right direction, ends up being the biggest step of our lives. Let’s take one step at a time together. Using current real estate value, we can refinance the first phase of remodeling and reconstruction to improve long and short term rental income. By pursuing government grants and cultural funding, holding membership drives, fundraising events and developing endowment programs, the Estonian House can create different ways to raise money to expand opportunities. This video is NOT meant to be the solution, but a call for all Estonians to discuss possible alternatives, for architects to come out with their vision and ideas, for interior designers to bring back the flare into the Estonian House. Let’s BEGIN NOW!
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