Help for Haapsalu orphanage (5)
Eestlased Eestis 22 Feb 2011  EWR
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A tragic accident occurred on 20 February, when the Haapsalu home for disabled children was hit by fire. 10 children were killed in the fire that also destroyed a major part of the orphanage building and furnishings. Together we can help them restore their home, where they would feel safe and cared for.

The Haapsalu orphanage currently provides substitute home service to 43 children, including 29 orphans or children without parental care and 14 children who are at the home for children on the basis of their parents' application. All the children in the orphanage are aged 4 to 24 and have severe or profound disability.

Haapsalu orphanage was opened for children in 1950. The new building that was destroyed in the fire was completed in 1997 in a project led by the Swedish Älmhult Lions Club and Lars Nexe.

Payment recipient: UNICEF EESTI
Account: 221049382034
Explanation: "Haapsalu lapsed"

Payment recipient: Eesti Punane Rist
Account: 1180001436
Explanation: "Haapsalu lastekodu põleng"
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