"Falsifiers of History" Targeted by the Kremlin (1)
Archived Articles 20 May 2009  EWR
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Pavel Felgenhauer

In a special video posting on his official Kremlin blog President Dmitry Medvedev emphasized that the World War II Victory-Day on May 9 is an "all-Russian celebration, uniting the entire nation." But it is not all positive. Around half of Medvedev's video address was spent on renouncing "the falsifiers of history, who are becoming increasingly vicious, ugly and aggressive." Medvedev announced, "We must defend historic truth, though it is not easy and sometimes revolting. We cannot close our eyes to the terrible truth of the war, but we will not allow anyone to undermine the sacrifice of our people" (www.kremlin.ru, May 7).

For the complete article published at www.jamestown.org Eurasia Daily Monitor Volume: 6 Issue: 92 May 13, 2009, click here:
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