Estonian Embassy in Moscow ended all consular services DELFI (2)
Pronkssõdur 2007 02 May 2007  EWR
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Since the situation of the Estonian Embassy in Moscow has not improved, the Embassy ends all consular services except for consular assistance to Estonian citizens.

How long the services will remain ended, the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry could not say. “This greatly depends on what local authorities will undertake“”, the spokesman said.

The Ambassador of Estonia, Marina Kaljurand, said that at the moment there are yet no security problems on the territory of the Embassy. “All employees of the Embassy remain on the territory of the Embassy and there is no threat on their lives and health”, she said.
“We have eight Estonian police officers here who do their jobs”.

Yesterday’s events where Estonian flag was torn off the Embassy indicated clearly, that the Embassy is not being protected outside, the Ambassador added.
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