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Estonian Central Council Elects new President and Executive Estonian Life
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Estonian Central Council Elects new President and Executive

February 1, 2016

TORONTO - The Estonian Central Council of Canada held their general meeting at the Estonian House in Toronto where the new assembly selected a President and new executive board.

The meeting follows elections that were held in December across Canada where members of the Estonian community voted to select 37 delegates to the Central Council.

A detailed post-election report prepared by Election Committee Chair, Mari Ann Tammark, stated that over 4000 ballots had been sent out and three physical polling stations were opened in Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa. 800 ballots were cast in total. The Estonian Central Council thanked Ms. Tammark and her team of community volunteers.

Former Estonian Council President and Estonian Honorary Consul General, Laas Leivat nominated newly elected council member, Marcus Kolga for President of the Council, who then nominated a list of regional EKN representatives and board members, all of whom were elected to their positions.

Both Laas Leivat and Marcus Kolga, thanked outgoing President, Markus Hess, for his many contributions to the Estonian community in Canada and around the world, including the founding of the Black Ribbon Day movement. Markus Hess has agreed to continue to serve on the Council in the role of “Former President”.

“I thank all of the candidates for their commitment to our community and the courage to stand as candidates,” said Kolga. “Together, we overcame significant challenges and we’re now excited to come together to rejuvenate this organization and help build a stronger community in consultation and collaboration with other organizations.”

Members of the council were encouraged to join Council committees on various issues, including inter-community relations, political outreach, youth congress and many others.

Among the first actions for the Council will be a first executive meeting where a new digital strategy will be discussed to help facilitate greater accessibility and transparency for the organization.

A town hall style meeting will be organized to help identify community needs and develop a community agenda for the next four years.

The Estonian Central Council is a national assembly of Canadians of Estonian heritage that represents and promotes their interests in most Canadian political jurisdictions, within the Estonian government; media, other Canadian community organizations and within the Estonian Canadian community itself.

The new Estonian Central Council Executive
Marcus Kolga
Laas Leivat
Kristiina Valter
Tõnu Altosaar
Mart Leppik
Reet Marten Sehr
Marta Kivik
Mihkel Kütti
Taavi Tamtik
Kairi Taul-Hemingway

Helgi Leesment Alberta/West
Paul Läänemets Ottawa/Eastern Canada
Anne Liis Keelmann Central Canada

Audit/Revisooni Kommittee
Margus Tae
Kati Kütti-Otsa
Rein Ende
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