Estonian and Chinese heads of government express intent to strengthen cooperation (1)
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Warsaw, 26 April 2012 – Prime Minister Andrus Ansip took part in a summit between China and Central and Eastern European countries, followed also by a bilateral meeting between the prime ministers of Estonia and China.

Both PM Andrus Ansip and the head of government of the People’s Republic of China Wen Jiabao said that the relations between the two countries were good and have expanded to nearly every walk of life. Ansip expressed satisfaction with Estonian-Chinese economic relations, which have become more lively as late. He said that the growth in trade in 2011 between the two countries was noteworthy. “Last year our trade grew more than 60 percent,” said Ansip, “yet there is still much unused potential in our economic and trade relations. We can't speak of major reciprocal investments.” Ansip said Estonia was looking to deepen and broaden cooperation in various fields – transit, air transport and tourism. He added that an intergovernmental joint committee was set up to deal with these topics back in 1993.

Prime Minister Wen also affirmed that the cooperation between the countries should be strengthened further. He welcomed the plan to organize a session of the joint committee in Tallinn in the autumn in order to discuss the topics in detail. Wen promised to encourage Chinese companies to invest in Estonia, while calling on Estonian business leaders to do the same. He credited Estonia for its work toward creating a favourable business climate. “Despite the crisis, Estonia’s finances are in order. You have reserves, low government debt and a surplus budget,” said Wen. “This is a good foundation for business relations.”

Ansip and Wen also considered it important to promote interpersonal contacts in the interests of better mutual understanding. Deepening of cooperation was also discussed in the framework of the summit between China and the Central and Eastern European countries. The 16 heads of government said they shared the position that the extent of cooperation between the region and China was not sufficient.

Photographs of the meeting:

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