Estonia, nation within Canada, just like Québec (38)
Archived Articles 24 Nov 2006 Adu RaudkiviEWR
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We are most glad and enthusiastic to hear about Québec being declared, unanimously in the House of Commons, by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the nation of Québec within Canada. No longer will it be the Province of Québec but the Republic of Québec. That is so classy.
The official Federal Québec political party, the Bloc Québécois headed by Gilles Duceppe started the matter by trying to get Québec declared a nation outside of Canada — well, almost. They would get to call the shots while the rest of Canada pays the bills. Some thought they do that already.
That got me thinking, why don't we do the same thing, I mean we are a distinct society, you should hear us talk in the coffee shop.
We could call ourselves the Republic of Estonia in Canada or something, we could have a contest to come up with something better if someone back home objects.
Since we are scattered all over the place, the only land mass we could call ours officially would be the Estonian House on Broadview.
There is already a viable political structure in place. We have an elected head of the community in Avo Kittask who will become President. Laas Leivat will become Ambassador. Lia Hess will become the Minister of Finance and Ülo Isberg could become Minister of Defense and Home Secretary.

We should very polite to the host nation of Canada, so they would not throw us out, though I can't imagine to where they could throw us. Maybe they would invade us, then it will be like movie "The Mouse That Roared".
I mean really, think about it, if it can work for Québec, why can't it work for us?
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