Estonia has the lowest anti-flu vaccination rate in Europe (6)
Eestlased Eestis 06 Nov 2012  EWR
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Juhan Tere, Baltic Course, Tallinn, 06.11.2012
While in Finland and Sweden, 70-75% of population get vaccinated against flu, Estonia's indicator is 1.4%, which is the lowest rate in Europe, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.

Estonia is even below China, where the rate is 3%, a poll by polling agency Norstat indicated.

Estonian Health Board epidemiology adviser Kuulo Kutsar said that there is anti-vaccination movement in Estonia's neighbouring states too but the situation is better there. Namely the state takes care of vaccinating either all people or people in the risk groups of getting flu complications. In Estonia flu vaccinations are voluntary and people have to pay for them.

Norstat's poll indicated though that a third of people support flu vaccination and 40% said they were against.

The poll also indicated that nearly a fifth of 16-29 year old people are not aware of the existence of a vaccine meant to prevent flu.

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