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Erik Hess And Simon Wookey At A Meet And Greet At Estonian House (3)
Eestlased Kanadas 22 Oct 2010 Adu RaudkiviEesti Elu
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Erik Hess, candidate for city council in Ward 2, Hamilton, Ontario and Simon Wookey, candidate for city council, Ward 27, Toronto, Ontario, both Estonians, are running hard in the municipal elections of October 25, 2010.
“The most important thing now (the last week of the campaign) is that we need to get the (our) people out (to vote),” said Wookey with agreement from Hess, “The campaign teams are tired, we need fresh blood.”

The location for Erik Hess is 288 King Street West, Hamilton, Ontario, phone 905.536.5015 Email: , web :

Simon Wookey: “I decided that instead of having an office I should spend the money on another literature drop. Phone and we’ll tell you when the canvass is and after the canvass we have a sumptuous meal.” Wookey can be contacted at phone number 416.816.7419 Email: web site at .

The political platforms can be found on the web sites, contact can be achieved by phone or Email. “They need your help and we need more Estonians in office,” said award winning filmaker Marcus Kolga;
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