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THE EKN elections are held to elect 25 council members, who choose an executive committee amongst their members every 4 years. The EKN council members represent Estonian Canadians, their interests and organizations.
We have done our best to update the existing mailing list to distribute ballots by mail; however, we know that people who have moved, married or emigrated to Canada are either missing from the mailing list or the data is inaccurate. Estonians who are visiting Canada and/or have a permanent residence outside of Canada cannot vote.
Please register by email: or register at local polling stations, see below:
To register, send your name, year of birth, address, postal code, telephone, (mother/father’s) name who is Estonian and your email, if possible.
Those who registered before Monday November 30th 12 noon by email and provided a mailing address will receive a ballot in the mail. After that voters can only register and vote at a local polling station. See below.
Who can vote?
Every Estonian who is a permanent resident of Canada and is 18 or older by December 31, 2015 and who has registered to vote, has the right to vote. This includes:
• Adults with Estonian citizenship
• Adults with at least one parent who is Estonian
• Adults who are married to an Estonian

Vancouver – Sunday December 6th – Christmas Market (register and vote)
Following the Service (about 12:15). Meie Kodu, 6520 Oak Street (Oak /49th)
Questions? Contact: Anne Tork 604 535-2611...or email
Ottawa – Sunday December 6th –

Toronto – Saturday December 12th 12-4pm – Rahvajõulupuu, Estonian House, Toronto (you may also vote at that time or submit your ballot).

EKN Elections Committee
Mari Ann Tammark
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