Dear TSR Friends,
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Dear TSR Friends,

There are DVDs, music CDs, the Book and film Posters available on the The Singing Revolution website, but we are in need of downsizing and will no longer be offering the Posters. Before they are recycled, we thought we’d offer our friends a last chance for a movie poster…large or small, signed or unsigned…for $2 plus shipping. (The $2 covers the handling costs.)

We have approximately 320 posters in stock. If anyone has any ideas about what to do with the remaining posters, please email us with your thoughts. (Perhaps a chorus or club would like to use them as a give-away?) For now, the cost of storing them is simply too much.

The full size poster is 27” x 40” and the mini-poster is 13.25” x 19.75”.

On the website enter the code GOPOSTERS and the $2 plus shipping will be applied. http://www.singingrevolution.c...

The posters will no longer be available after September 30th.

On another note, the PBS World broadcasts were a great success and the film continues its broadcasts on Public Television!

Kind regards,
Maureen & James Tusty
The Singing Revolution Filmmakers
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