Corruption in focus for Baltic investigative group
Arvamus 30 Jan 2015  EWR
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Fredrik Nejman, Scoop, issue winter 2014
This article about Re:Baltica was published by the magazine Scoop, in its winter 2014 issue. Scoop is a Swedish magazine for investigative journalism and is run by the organization for investigative reporters in Sweden.

They have uncovered corruption, crime and social injustices in the Baltics. With help from donations, readers and a strong conviction that journalism can bring about change.

“When Bonnier and the other Scandinavia media houses sold us out, we had to take things in our own hands, says Inga Springe, founder of the investigative journalists’ group Re: Baltica.

The thermometer shows plus two degrees and the icy November wind in Riga makes it feel considerably colder.

However, at Nometnu iela 9 it is warm and snug. Here, in the diner Ciemakukulis, is where the investigative journalists’ group Re:Baltica hangs out.

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