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The quick update for KLENK-IEP has good news, not so good news and then more good news.

The first good news is that almost 300 people have reserved cabins for KLENK-IEP.

The not so good news is that all of the category D7 cabins are gone.

The second good news is that we were able to obtain some additional cabins in categories D6, D5 and Junior Suites (which are seldom included in group space). The new cabins along with their prices are listed on our homepage and may be seen by clicking on the following (Cabin selection).

The KLENK-IEP program specifics will be available shortly.
Networking, lectures, singing, dancing and more adventures for all ages. Also there is ice-skating, rock climbing, Broadway Shows and other unique activities on board the Allure of the Seas. There is a post cruise concert in Boca Raton (Tuesday, March 28) and a day trip to Sawgrass Mall.

Cabins are going quickly, so make sure that you reserve one now to insure the best selection. Reservations can be made by filling out the form on our webpage or contacting our official booking agent at 1-800-248-8404.
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