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Let us help children in Estonia 2008

Over the past year, Action Estonia was able to provide support to six children’s aid groups in Estonia.

We hope that during this year, when the republic of Estonia starts its 90th year that you will be willing to support children and youth in Estonia. Passing this milepost let us reflect upon lifting and happy events that are taking place in Estonia, however, we cannot ignore or take away unhappy and tragic events which cast shadows on the lives of young people there today.

Some of these difficulties are the result of life under the long decades of oppressive foreign occupation; some of them are caused by rapidly changing current conditions that are necessary but are often less than caring.

For many, the latter has brought difficulties and inevitably these are the children that suffer the most. We don’t need to just speak about lack of food and shelter. Even more serious are situations where due to financial limitations young talented people are unable to develop their skills to their fullest potential.

The support made possible by your generous donations constitutes part of the foundation upon which youth can start building their future. We are thankful and fortunate that there are people and organizations to be found in Estonia that have taken it upon themselves to do this.

The Christian Youth Home in Tartu

The work of the Tartu Christian Youth Home has been directed towards education and folk culture where folk music is honoured. The home’s director Külli Kool wrote to us recently:

“At the moment we have a lot of children — 52. We have shown the youth home in its best light and so Tartu Children’s Aid Society has gladly placed children with us… The coming spring we will have 7 school graduates… It’s nice that our house always has lots of musicians…”

Jõhvi and Valga

Your support resulted in children’s aid funds being set up there. Although these funds are not large, they do help tide poorer families over difficulties from time to time.

Karksi-Nuia, Sillamäe and Kolga-Jaani are locations where your help was directed to smaller clearly deserving projects. Contacts have been established with local church ministers and members of Tallinn International Rotary Club and our future endeavours await clarification of new areas that need help.

Please write your cheques out to Action Estonia. As always your donations are forwarded to Estonia through the Ottawa Rotary Club

Rotary issues receipts for tax deduction purposes twice a year in July and January. Thanks to the efforts of our volunteers we were able to forward almost the entire amount of donations.

Please send your donations to the Estonian embassy in Ottawa:
Action Estonia
The Embassy of the Republic of Estonia
260 Dalhousie St, Suite 210
Ottawa, ON
K1N 7E4

Altogether, your support over the years has amounted to more than 500,000 kroons.

We hope that also this time you can find time to think of youngsters in Estonia,

[i]Action Estonia meetings are held monthly.
Contacts telephone e-mail
T. Kauri (613) 741-7118
L. Vainola (613) 231-2876
J. Wallner (613) 269-2809
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