Action Estonia winds up (3)
Eestlased Kanadas 26 Mar 2014 TNEWR
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OTTAWA – A valuable volunteer organization, set up to help disadvantaged children in Estonia, is no more. Toronto’s EERO and AKEN have had a lot more publicity, but the small Ottawa Estonian community and their Action Estonia program, intended to provide financial assistance for children living in Estonia at below societal standards was an important contribution. Children are most at risk, and have the least options in poverty. Action Estonia recognized this early on, and without being judgmental, whether due to family issues or being reliant on a government that still has work to do when it comes to helping the less fortunate accomplished a lot during the years after independence was regained.

Estonian Life, Eesti Elu’s English language section, published for quite a few years Action Estonia’s requests for financial donations as well as the results of efforts in supporting Estonia’s less fortunate children.

Over the years Action Estonia managed to send off just over $100,000 to Estonia to help children and managed to send every penny donated since the volunteers involved in Ottawa looked after all expenses except currency exchange fees. A remarkable achievement.

Unfortunately the Ottawa Estonian community is not getting any younger. Action Estonia decided that the time has come to face reality. RIP Action Estonia, the testimonies in the annual newsletter indicated that the efforts of the Ottawa volunteers were greatly appreciated in Estonia.
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