A special evening in Old Town Tallinn (2)
Archived Articles 22 Jun 2007 Dave KiilEWR
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They came from the four corners of the world to eat, to drink, to reminisce, and to be merry! Most had Alberta Estonian pioneer or post-WWII immigrant roots, but friends from other parts of Canada and Estonia also found their way to the quaint Golden Piglet Inn in Old Town Tallinn. The presence of three Estonian ladies from Australia, Hong Kong, and Turkey only added to this special occasion. It was a reminder that Ernest Hemingway was on to something when he suggested that one can find an Estonian in every seaport of the world.

Before the conclusion of this extraordinary evening, Bob Kingsep, the newly-appointed President of the Alberta Estonian Heritage Society, presided over the first-ever Board meeting outside Alberta.

The evening was a resounding success, as old and new friends mingled and enjoyed traditional Estonian foods. All of us are richer for the experience!
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