Bird Droppings from Estonia: Indiana U, Finno Ugric studies
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Can't wait to read your book!14 Feb 2018 03:54
I hope it inspires others with Estonian roots to explore our language and culture.
Here, at Tartu University, I'm surrounded by students from Finland, France, Portugal, Japan and elsewhere. They are lured here by low tuition and quickly fall in love with the place.
I wish that I could introduce them to Canada's quasi-Estonians: vile cranks like Allan Meiusi and Maxim de la Trine so that they could be encouraged to learn our language and bask in things Estonian.
Pray for their wretched souls!
Feb 25 2018 - igas kodus
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Feb 25 2018 - Üle ilma Eesti kodudes
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Mar 14 2018 - Toronto Eesti Maja
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