Friends of Estonian House Becomes a Non- Profit Organization Estonian Life
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Kudos29 Jul 2017 11:12
Well done. Just a few questions for clarification. Registered with whom? City of Toronto, Province of Onatario, CRA? As an organization, do you have a juhatus, esimees or esinaine? Who are its members? How does one become a member?
Friends of Estonian House01 Aug 2017 07:11
Thank you for the kind comment. Yes to all of the above questions. We are officially registered with the Province of Ontario as a non-profit corporation with a CRA business number and full Board of Directions. Our next article will provide contact information etc...
Excellent01 Aug 2017 08:40
It's very good to see that the real users of Estonian House and the active volunteers in the community will now have a legitimate voice on Estonian House matters after being marginalized and ignored by the self appointed "4 Pillars" over the past years. We can only hope that the City of Toronto considers their perspectives as they move to sell the Tartu College parking lot to this ambiguous "4 Pillars" group that does, in no way, represent the users of the Estonian House in Toronto nor the Estonian community in Toronto.
lugeja02 Aug 2017 14:06
Non-profit organization oleks vast mitte tulutoov organisatsioon
An Observer14 Aug 2017 06:01
The Friends should make clear that they are not a registered charity that is issuing tax receipts. The heading on the Estonian language version should be revised. Somehow, among its first forays, it manages to be misleading. Not good!
Observer14 Aug 2017 20:54
Correction has been made. Thank you
An Observer14 Aug 2017 06:10
I must say that I am really tired about reading about how the "special interests" (i.e., 4 Orgs, etc.) hijacked the vote and are purportedly not representing community interests. There was a vote, and somehow the losing faction is unwilling to accept the result. Let's get over this, and await the results of the due diligence.
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italian canadian center14 Aug 2017 09:09
To Observer24 Aug 2017 07:31
Yep, I have to agree with you....I am also sick of the misappropriation of monies and poor governance demonstrated by the EHB Board. The reason for the 3 prior failures – one sided agreement. No developer was prepared to take on ALL the responsibilities and liabilities. Does this sound familiar? It should…because it mirrors the Resolution. The only logical item that was presented at the Special Meeting was a proposal to Amendment the Resolution requesting “accountability” by the 4 Org’s to the shareholders. As it stands, the 4 Org’s are not accountable, responsible nor liable for anything…the voter’s basically told them “sure, take the money and run”. It’s one thing to say “we are trying to support and encourage our Estonian Youth” (which I can totally get) and completely another to support a project that has no business plan, no financial structure and no set steps of how to execute this due diligence process. I ask, how many people and how many times does it take to get it right?
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