Madison Project “Due Diligence” Part 3 – School Season Neighbours
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Karl Otsa07 Jul 2017 18:30
By chance are you suggesting that EKL et al needs to go so that the project to progress?
Karl Otsa08 Jul 2017 21:59
Hr. Allan Meiusi,

Which Estonian korporatsioon (selts) do you belong to?
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Allan Meiusi09 Jul 2017 14:21
I don't belong to one. What's the relevance? The subject matter is about the conduct of students residing at frat houses associated with the University of Toronto. The Councillor's petition to his colleagues in city council and the constituent's letter to the mayor have nothing to do with Estonian frats/ korps. This is only in regard to what is happening in neighboring residences that are in close proximity to the proposed location for the new cultural centre.
Karl Otsa09 Jul 2017 12:43
Why do I get 2 thumbs down for asking which Korp! Hr. Meiusi belongs to?

What's the reasoning?
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Karl Otsa10 Jul 2017 17:25
Hr. Meiusi,

No I really don't think you understand the relevance. But you seem to have no problem smearing or insinuating Estonian fraternities with all the bad apples of the North American variety.

Yes there are current crime concerns, as there in any large metropolitan city in the world. Show me a similar sized city that has a crime rate LOWER than Toronto. As for the Broadview location

NY Eesti Maja was bought at a most fortuitous time for a mere pittance of what the location is now worth. Why are YOU so closed minded to affording Toronto Estonians the same opportunity.

Limited adjacent parking is part of living in a large metropolis. I don't know if you've been to NYC Eesti Maja but there has NEVER been adjacent parking. If anything people don't drive to NYC Eesti Maja because of the traffic. But if that too is the problem why are the number of participants down at Chicago, Long Island or Lakewood facilities? What about JK, KJ or Seedrioru? The drives to ALL of these locations are pretty much the same (they haven't moved in over 60+ years) and from going to all of these Ontario locations in the last decades there is LOTS of parking.

When the current Toronto Eesti Maja was purchased I'm sure there was a lot of naysayers as well. How many didn't have cars and had to take the TTC? What about the time it took to get from North York or Keele to Broadview & Danforth? (and then back home) or the number of transfers that were required back then. Heck when the lasketiir opened how many people recall transporting their relvad on the TTC? Try doing that now.

Just curious, when you did your roving reporter / man on the street interview with "Chris Williams, a local resident and citizen representative" did you ask him about the casino event armed robberies or about the twice weekly events up in the pööning?
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Rahamees10 Jul 2017 21:54
Karl, you make no sense whatsoever here. Meiusi in no way suggests anything related to eesti korporatsioonid.

Any all other points you are trying to make are complete nonsense.
lugeja11 Jul 2017 06:03
You asked which korporatsioon Mr. Meiusi belongs to and even though that is a personal question that doesn't seem to have any relevance to the matter at hand, he answered you. He also asked a simple question of you that seems fair - what's the relevance? Now you give the condescending non-answer "No I really don't think you understand the relevance".

A few things seem clear here:

1 - your question was inappropriate and indeed has no relevance

2 - you have an "anti-Meiusi" agenda

Mr. Meiusi is providing information which I'm sure many of us appreciate having. I can only hope that your continued attempts to discredit him won't stop him from keeping us informed.
Reader11 Jul 2017 08:28
A. Meiusi has provided many deep insights. I for one was not aware that there is university housing near the site - who is responsible for allowing this to take place? Have the people behind these schemes been identified? I wish he would also do some investigative journalism about the number of seniors residences in the area. I have heard that there are quite a number and am concerned that no one is bringing this to light.
Bluto15 Jul 2017 07:27
There are a number of frat houses on Madison and Huron.Also a sorority or two. They are not official university residences. Know for heavy partying, as university students are wont to do. I believe this clarification is necessary, as those residences are the main concern of local residents.
Madison Scene Reality Check18 Jul 2017 12:00
For those of us who have spent some time living at Tartu College, many can attest to the fact that the frat houses on Madison have a significant impact on the street atmosphere at night time.

I saw frat boys pouring themselves drinks right on the steps to Tartu College and the sounds of their drunken revelry projected up the walls of the building. Their noise was so loud, it is like they were shouting just outside your window.

So if there is a 'public space' at EM2, as required by the city, be prepared to step over puddles of urine and vomit and share the space with drunken young men. Not a family-oriented safe space in my opinion!
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