Eesti Maja Torontos. Meie Kodupaik. Robert Kreem
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Thanks Jaak!11 May 2017 17:05
Unfortunately many younger generation and third generation Estonian-Canadians aren’t able to read and understand what Hr. Kreem has written in Estonian. They, along with others who were not a part of the era that constructed this great house and community, need a lesson in our rich history to understand its significance. It’s not about cashing in on what was built in the past from passion, a unified cause and community spirit to foot the bills of a shiny new building to show off to friends. How it is that what friends think has become more important than preservation and growth of our own community?
a recent immigrant12 May 2017 15:21
I as a recent immigrant from Estonia can't understand what the "English speaking third generation" was doing in Broadview Esto House anyway? All English language Esto events I know happened in Tartu College basement not in EH. What kind of "community preservation and growth" were you doing there?
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