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shareholder26 Apr 2017 10:26
R.I.P. Estonian House
I wish to thank all the voters that came out last night to the Estonian House to try to save this historical building. The Board won by a mere 10 votes, showing that the Estonian House is very important to Estonians. Although we were not successful, it is clear that the 4 organizations will have to produce results to win back the trust of their fellow Estonians. The City and local Broadview residents will be taking a firm stance against any development over 8 storeys. Thus any developer bidding on the site will have to weigh the probability of OMB success and upfront costs against potential profit. For those who voted in favour of this Madison proposal, best of luck. I give a huge hug and applause to the Friends of the Estonian House.
Not confused26 Apr 2017 10:31
Don't forget that 66.9% is twice 33.1%. Focus on that, not the 10. Let's let the due diligence happen. And let's be unified.
surprising26 Apr 2017 11:41
that 67% of the people support abandoning the current Esto House
KHA26 Apr 2017 12:22
That 67% grasp the financial reality of the situation and rather than risk losing our biggest asset in exchange for pittance, would prefer to ensure that we have sustainable home for the next two generations.
Disappointed26 Apr 2017 12:24
Keep in mind... the organizations directly involved in the new project are those that held huge voting blocks. When taking that into consideration, who's wishes were really represented here? A few with many votes? Or a large majority of Estonians holding one share each.

It seems strange that VEMU has been collecting funds for how long now? I don't see how the new EM will get their funding.

Maybe we can all gather in the Madison parking lot under tents?
Jaak Järve26 Apr 2017 12:24
Just to share some shareholder voting block numbers, so that we better understand what yesterday's razor-thin win for the "Madison Project" really means.
ETCU- 714 shares
Eesti Selts -278 shares
Skaut Malev- 190 shares
Gaid Malev- 77 shares
Kungla- 140 shares
Soomepoisid- 124 shares
Toronto Eesti Meeskoor- 120 shares
Toronto Eesti Maleklubi- 65 shares
Saarlaste Uhing- 51 shares
EKN -40 shares
Skaudi sõprade selts 35 shares
Eesti Naised Jõekääru- 26 shares
Majandusklubi- 22 shares
Pensionääride Klubi- 22 shares
Sile poiss26 Apr 2017 12:36
I shave. I know what a razor is. I know what razor thin is. No matter how you slice it, the outcome was not razor thin. So move on.
lugeja27 Apr 2017 05:02
I was wondering what these numbers were. Thank you Jaak!
Rehnutaja26 Apr 2017 12:51
Oletada võiks, et 2/3 enamust oli vaja tarvis? Aga välja kuulutati vaid numbrid, ilma muu selgituseta.

Mis puutub valimisblokkidesse, ülaltoodud nimekirjas antud hääled on kokku 1190.

3207 - 1190 = 2017

Tähendab, 2017 häält ei kuulunud nende blokkide hulka. Oli siis vist rohkem neid valimisblokke?
Suggestion to Rehnutaja26 Apr 2017 18:30
Re-do your math!
Not confused26 Apr 2017 13:09
While it is interesting to know which organizations have blocks of shares, the information is not of use unless you know how they voted last night. It would be presumptuous to assume all voted on behalf of the Resolution.
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Karl Otsa26 Apr 2017 13:30
Just curious as to:

1.) How many "issued" shares are there?

2.) How many of those shares are MIA? in that the owner has passed away (and never changed ownership) or may have moved with no forwarding address.
Allan Meiusi03 May 2017 05:53
Reported at the beginning of the meeting
2259 A Series
4809 C series
Is total number of shares outstanding
Soomaa26 Apr 2017 13:32
I find it interesting that the Finns have managed to keep their large house in Thunder Bay going since 1910. They have about the same number of Finns there that Estonians have in Toronto. Usually when the playing field is level Estos do better than our northern brother race.
Anybody have thoughts on this? Maybe the restaurant kept them going or whatever.
Unistaja26 Apr 2017 16:54
At the same time they don't have their centers in Toronto any longer. And Lithuanians are about to sell their house. And Latvians are struggling. Maybe we should all move to Thunder Bay ;-)
Unistaja27 Apr 2017 04:24
A quick Google search brought up an article how the Finns were about to sell their house in Thunder Bay as they were also struggling with a very high debt. Somehow they got the money to get out of it. An inheritance? Just as Seedrioru a few years ago? My take is that with the world becoming more globalized it's not as important as in the past to have special homes away from home. Internet brings Estonia to our own small "castles", airtravel is easy... That's why the younger generation is more likely to support moving on and changing the concept of having something we can call our own. And it's a good thing ;-) It's their future. We would have done the same.
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Groundhog Day26 Apr 2017 15:06
With a plan for an $18M new home that there is not concrete plan on how to pay for it, I see this current EM2 incarnation as destined for failure. Hopefully it will not pull the entire EM into bankruptcy.

Can we find out if shareholders have any liability if the EM2 goes bankrupt during this $18M endeavour?
raha otsas?26 Apr 2017 16:21
Nonsense. You are saying there are no concrete plans to get $18M - guess what - there are no more concrete plans or obligations to spend that $18M either. If raha otsas, they will just reconstruct the building 11 Madison and that's it.
To: raha otsas?27 Apr 2017 06:25
Really, nonsense???

Have a look at what happened when the Greek Community hit 'raha otsas' when they were trying to build their much simpler community centre on cheaper land at Warden and Ellesmere. The Globe and Mail wrote a good article on how the project failed and the partially built structure was passed on to the Jain community.

Raha otsas does happen, and it is not pretty.
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Not confused27 Apr 2017 08:45
One of the primary purposes (and main advantages) of a corporate structure is limited liability. The general rule is that shareholders' personal assets are not at risk unless they provide personal guarantees. (Creditors of the corporation can only go after the corporation's own assets.) Thus, EH shareholders can have comfort in the knowledge that a due diligence process will lead to a determination as to whether proceeding with the Madison project is appropriate.
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voter27 Apr 2017 14:58
We were promised a clitering new Estonian Community Centre, Now we have to be happy with the historic,refurbished small "Monks House'' at 11 Madison Ave. which is screened from the park side with a narrow, glass fronted new building. So much for a new Estonian Community centre. The 2 phase of the project will not happen, there will not be any funds and the ECU and TC will need the parking lot. Kiss by-by to EH.
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concerned29 Apr 2017 09:58
I am more concerned about the EH right now. If the building is in such dire straights as Rivo and Consultants have stated...then should we not be worried about the safety of our children. If the boiler is "ready to explode anytime" would think that these 4 Org's would be thinking "liability".
Samalt IP numbrilt on siin varem kommenteerinud: shareholder (10:26), voter (14:58)
voter29 Apr 2017 15:02
Estonian House is in good condition, only needs regular maintenance and repair. It is much better with 3 times the space than at 11 Madison Ave. with on site parking, easy access and safe surrounds. With the "Monks House". Estonian Community has been sold a impossible dream, and a nightmare by the use of "alternative truth".
Samalt IP numbrilt on siin varem kommenteerinud: shareholder (10:26), voter (14:58), concerned (09:58)
Karl Otsa30 Apr 2017 12:27
"voter" - are you refuting Linda Veltman's claims of the ceiling falling down or the story about working by candle-light? Have you toured the "old lady" from stem to stern or poked your fingers into the beams?
Samalt IP numbrilt on siin varem kommenteerinud: Karl Otsa (13:30)
I will have to give in30 Apr 2017 15:01
The community is made up of people from different walks of life and different age strata. The belief that the house is fine and only needs to be patched up is the view typically held by people who are very frugal or more senior. A younger set would like to fashion an Estonian centre in line with their own vision and would like a structure of a more current time.

The unfortunate reality is that both options a) to build at Madison and b) to either patch or build anew at Broadview are exclusionary. The Madison option tends to exclude the older set who have issues with coming downtown into the bustling downtown core and may need parking for health reasons, while the Broadview option to keep the House as is does not offer the younger set an option to make the house their own, it is a house in decay.

Unfortunately a third option to tear down most of the Broadview building and build anew WHICH SHOULD SATISFY BOTH CAMPS is being ignored by the Madison camp (possibly they see it as more complicated?); furthermore the Broadview camp is not coming up with a leader or the cash to pull off a partial tear-down in stages.

I would get behind a rebuild of the present building in stages with added floors to the Broadview location, but it looks like I will have to accept the Madison option because a Broadview rebuild is 1) leaderless; 2) lacks a concrete plan for the final structure 3) lacks a capital campaign strategy to fire up the community to support such an option.
ennivi@aol,com02 May 2017 10:32
Total ballots present 3276 as per the president.
Karl Otsa02 May 2017 11:57
Pr. Kiilaspea,

Thanks, but what I'd like to to know about is, how many shares did NOT register to vote?
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Jaak Järve02 May 2017 16:01
I'm going to save the 3orgs $750,000 in due diligence fees....I just checked it out... the new Madison Project does not have a Dairy Queen in walking distance for the kids to go during recess at Esto school night. Your charge.
Samalt IP numbrilt on siin varem kommenteerinud: Jaak Järve (12:24)
Karl Otsa03 May 2017 10:22
Jaak Järve -
You EXCLUDED what IS available in an even a shorter walking distance!

The Pizza Pizza on Bloor is BEFORE Spadina (if still there) is EVEN closer. Cross over Spadina & there is the Tim Horton's, Swiss Chalet and of course 7-11.

This doesn't even include what's in the Miles Nadal JCC but I do recall seeing an ice parlor in it at one time. If you go the other way, isn't there a NY Fries in the Holiday Inn?

FYI - this how one reports an (inclusive) due diligence report. (nudge nudge wink wink)
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