Heritage in transition: Estonian House, the new project, and value-congruent decision-making - EST/ENG
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Tiiu Roiser21 Apr 2017 14:36
Very well written article. Thank you. I support the middle option for renewal.
Pat21 Apr 2017 16:26
This is long so I may have to split it up. Sorry.

I start this with just one question in mind. What is our main problem?


We don’t have enough. We don’t generate enough. Money solves everything.

I also agree with Veiko Parming. Broadening our building to non-Estonians or simply 3rd generation Estonians who don’t see many reasons to participate now would help immensely financially.

With those two sole drivers in mind, here is something to consider whether we stay at Eesti Maja or move.

The gun range, if we wanted to, could probably easily pay for virtually ALL the current expenses of the entire building if we modernized it and made it open to the regular public on particular days. Yes, there would be some challenges in doing that. But…

It is not unreasonable to see rental rates per person of upwards of $100 per HOUR. We go to a modern range in Florida that is packed with regular people and tons of tourists. They have merely 8 lanes with an average of 2-3 shooters per lane. They conservatively run 80% filled 9 hours a day. The math? $100 X 8 X 2 X 9 = $14,400. At 80% fill rate…heck, make it 25%, that’s $3,600 per DAY. In Toronto, a 50% rate would probably be totally plausible.

It would be fairly easy to generate $10,000 to $15,000 a week conservatively. Is there ANYTHING that can generate money like that on the horizon now at either building? Sometimes opportunity comes in forms you may not like but it is what gets you out of your predicament.

Logic would say, “Oh those crazy Americans are gun nuts.”. Yes, but the locals have their own member range next door.

I’m ONLY talking tourists. Usually British, Canadians, Germans etc. Typically Europeans mostly. And they come laughing, excited, and full of anticipation. Money is not even on their radar. They barely ask the prices.They just want to do it. Just normal everyday people who are curious.

Point being there are millions of people in the GTA that have curiosity and would love to go to a range and see what that’s like. It is so obvious from watching tourists there.

$10,000 a week? $500,000 per year? Does the credit union even generate that?

Plus it would be an advertising platform to outsiders for other Eesti venues like wedding reception rentals & catering. and so forth.

Crazy? Did you know that AXE throwing has become huge in Toronto. One company has 4 or 5 ranges and growing wildly. They can’t keep up. Throwing AXES? Seems almost absurd doesn’t it? Except that it’s not.

Maybe there are too many physical barriers like law, insurance, sound proofing etc. Maybe not. And of course, it will have expenses. Those are gross numbers. It just seems like something to explore because it may be the solution.

At the moment it appears we’re out of decent options.
Still laughing...21 Apr 2017 18:10
Between gun nuts and axe throwers, this is surely a parody.

Maybe some levity is required amidst this "civil war" within our community. I wish folks slowed down and read the special resolution with care, and perhaps even reread it a few times.
no yolks please, we Estonian!22 Apr 2017 13:55
If you look carefully you see that the glass around the new Madison parkade is all bulletproof. A brand spanking new 50 meter outdoor rifle and pistol range in the heart of downtown Toronto!
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