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:06 Mar 2017 12:16
i guess time will tell, but included sketches seem to show a small addition to TC only, no main hall, no classrooms for school, etc
john06 Mar 2017 12:36
All this glass doesn't look good for lasketiir chances ...
Lugeja06 Mar 2017 13:33
Väga tore uudis ja paras paik EM rahvale. Ilusti rongi jaama ligidal kõikidele.
..06 Mar 2017 13:48
Mul on raske ette kujutada laupäeva hommikul lasteaia, skautide ja gaidide tulekut. Parkimine on praktiliselt olematu. See näeb rohkem olema staatiline muuseum/kunstinäitus kui elav ja tegev maja
Silvi06 Mar 2017 14:14
Minul sama mure. Kus on parkla? (60 parkimis' kohta)
Aarelinnadest sudalinna soit pole ka eriti monus.
Peedu06 Mar 2017 14:45
Bravo! Ühis koht Tartu Collegis on alati olnud kõige parem idee!!
Millenial06 Mar 2017 15:06
Looks perfect place for boomers to sip coffee and get together for knitting lessons ... Not so good when coming from suburb with kids
Hopeful06 Mar 2017 16:06
It doesn't look like the most efficient use of space from the drawings, but I'm looking forward to getting more details at the meeting.

If EM, ESK, TC & ETCU are all involved and think it's a sound plan- then I'll wait to hear the proposal before sounding off.

Would moving the arhiiv open up some more parking under TC?

The location debate (downtowners/ ideal TTC access/ consolidated community center / central location vs. drivers/ suburbanites/ out-of-towners / east-enders) will be painful and predictable. Is there any geographic data on the active Estonian community in southern Ontario available? Even a ballpark breakdown of an ESK/ETCU mailing list by city or postal code is more useful than listening to 100 people tell us about their commutes.
Johanne Pahapill07 Mar 2017 06:52
Nüüd tuleb jätta küsimused nagu "miks mitte varem?", ukse taha ja olla rõõmsad selle üle, et on leitud võimalus koostööks EESTI Maja, Tartu College'1, Toronto Eesti Ühispanga ja Sihtkapitali juhtkondade vahel, mis on ainus realistlik tee asjale lahenduse leidmiseks!!! Tubblid mehed ja naised - täis-purjeis edasi!!!

Johannes Pahapill.
Tsiteeri | Teavita administraatorit
the right opportunities07 Mar 2017 10:37
For the moment, I will ignore the very real question of lack of parking (and loss to community events because of this) to ask the following question: can this facility house 600, 700 people or more for community events indoors, such as Rahvajõulupuu? What about handling Independence Day celebrations? I think we would want to grow our community with exciting events to also welcome the community at large at the new building (which we are no longer able to achieve effectively at the present one). From the drawings, it doesn’t look like we have a large communal space indoors. Both mentioned events are winter ones needing mainly indoor facilities.

I am glad that these community organizations are working together and this is a beautiful design, but are we not desperately trying to fit a square peg into a round hole by choosing this particular property? Do we even have the go-ahead form the city that we can build on (it looks more like over) their parking lot?

Might we not get more bang for our buck on another piece of land?
lugeja07 Mar 2017 15:53
I didn't go last year but from years previous, the xmas party numbers are going down yearly and 600 in the future is a pipe dream. Most of the time, the Esto house sits relatively empty as far as I can tell, such a huge building is clearly more than we need and more than we can run efficiently. The numbers will continue to go down and I don't see how it's realistic to support Eesti Maja AND Tartu College AND Joekaaru AND Kotkajarve AND Seedrioru AND ...

The community is getting smaller, here's to saying goodbye to grandiose dreams and hello to a practical and sustainable vision for the future.
to lugeja07 Mar 2017 20:12
Yes, you are right, presently the community of active members is shrinking and it is possible that it will continue to shrink, but there are things to consider.

An old building with limited uses does not draw people to take part nor does it allow organizers to achieve potential activity. The reason why there are no longer wedding events held at the present house is because the building is no longer an up to date facility. Hence the building is losing money, hence we as a community can no longer afford to maintain and keep it.

If we have a current centre and hall facility, then more people will want to use it. The number of users should increase.

Do not equate language ability with ethnicity. The offspring of each subsequent generation for the most part has not gone anywhere. They have become more involved in the general activity of Canadian society.

I would take a page from the Jewish community in Toronto regarding community events, which, as I understand, take place for the most part in English. The identity is still there.
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Rita Komendant07 Mar 2017 13:35
I hope that's just a massing model.
Great Land score! LocationLocationLocation
Honest07 Mar 2017 21:05
Unless you are a student or belong to an organization, I don't see any reason to go into a crowded city with no parking within a kilometre. The drawing is nonsense with wasted outdoor space that might have been better used for the parking lot that it is now. Anyone over 40 will not take the trouble to take Subways unless you work downtown but for leisure, forget it. Who will be on the deed as the new owners of this so called Eesti Maja? I think our shareholders have been taken for a long ride in more ways than one.
Lugeja208 Mar 2017 09:27
We will be taken for a ride if we let it happen.All boards are elected by the shareholders. Perhaps we get a chance to correct our mistakes.
to lugeja 208 Mar 2017 11:00
The Estonian Foundation of Canada AGM is tonight at 6.30 pm at the Estonian House middle hall. Here is your opportunity to become a member and have a say!
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best available08 Mar 2017 07:27
No proposal can satisfy everyone.
Many thanks to those who have labored long and hard for this one.
To the critics I say, come up with something better.
Rahamees08 Mar 2017 08:48
Kõik sõltub rahast. Seda uut EM üllitist ei ole võimalik ehitada ilma EM müügist saadud rahata. Kas me aga saaksime sama rahaga ehitada rohkem EM kui seda võimaldab kesklinnas ($$$) asuv plats? Kas veel kaaluda Läti majaga ühinemist? Palju parem asukoht kui Spadina&Bloor.

Mulle paistab, et EM juhatus on väsinud kogu sellest jandist ja nad on õnnelikud, et keegi tegi otsuse nende eest.
Rahamees08 Mar 2017 10:02
Yep, you can vote out the volunteer boards if you are willing to step up and get involved. The sad reality is that nobody wants to do the thankless job ...
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Ingrid09 Mar 2017 20:17
To Rahamees

Eesti Maja board was paid a fee until recently... so ja...

Nepotism at its best
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Expand north of parking lot?08 Mar 2017 10:53
The most important question is: does this design serve the needs of the Estonian community?

1. I don’t have the details yet, but my gut tells me that this design does not offer a proper gathering place for a large group of people at one time for events and meetings. A large space is a must and central to the notion of community. Without a large space, we will have to continually rent ($) space elsewhere, which defeats the purpose of this proposed Estonian centre. To those who believe that Estonians will not come out in large numbers anymore, well … let’s see how many people turn out for the upcoming townhall meeting. I imagine that the place will be packed since it is no longer restricted to shareholders having a say.

2. Why are we stuck on building around the perimeter of a parking lot built above a subway system that will harm and erode the structure more quickly by the massive vibrations courtesy of the TTC? A smarter plan would be to purchase the buildings beside the one the bank bought and build a community centre there AND use the existing city parking lot to park for our events. Has this avenue of expanding beside the bank building been examined? Why is this not an option?
Eerik Aljas08 Mar 2017 14:08
I think this is a wonderful plan, and I hope that those who share my sentiments will be vocal and visible in their support. In my opinion, a place like the one proposed here casts our community in a far more positive, and substantial light than our current cultural home. This plan has great potential as the catalyst for continued success by and for Estonians in the years to come.
Estos will be Estos10 Mar 2017 11:07
Thank you visionaries and negotiators for this great news after a decade of starts and stops. Those who complain of secrecy are just saying: “Why didn’t anyone ask me”. Let’s be glad dozens of people from four major boards worked together. Recall what open communication did for Eesti Maja. It energized Ratepayers into opposition. This parking lot was for sale because other parking lots exist nearby. One is right behind Madison Pub. Eesti Maja parking is awful at big events and no other lots are close by. Those who complain about driving will face traffic whether going to Broadview or Madison. Unlike Broadview, this location is right on the TTC subway network, at a station served from all four directions. Tartu College already offers many events and programs and houses all the frats. It has a sustainable business model which can hopefully be adapted for the new centre. Those who worry about lack of space for big events forget Massey Hall, Convocation Hall and Maple Leaf Gardens. Even last year Toi-100 used Koerner Hall. Estdocs always uses outside space. Our community cannot afford to build and own space that is used infrequently and then sits vacant most of the year. Luckily this area offers a range of rental space for large and unique special events. Let’s embrace this solution and get more answers at the Town Hall on March 29. Elagu eestlus!
another Esto10 Mar 2017 12:56
Great points, except for this one:
“Our community cannot afford to build and own space that is used infrequently and then sits vacant most of the year.”

Why would you build at all, if you believe that a space would sit vacant for most of the year?

Modern halls can be rented out to whomever during downtime, but you need a proper gathering place for your people, a home for a community.

People don’t rent Estonian House and Tartu College halls presently because they are passé, behind the times, and don’t come with services. Renters are not only organizations, but people with weddings, birthday bashes and other receptions. I believe that Estonians would use a new, up-to-date building more as opposed to renting other modern facilities, if they had the choice.
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in favour of two corridors08 Mar 2017 17:56
The urbanites appear to have won the day with a confident proposal for development attached to Tartu College along the Bloor Corridor, which was an excellent investment years ago. But there is another corridor along the DVP, that includes the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, the Ismaili Centre, and yes, the Estonian House. The EM woodsy property, quiet but close to a major ravine thoroughfare, was also a good choice for the Estonian Canadian community. Indeed, the two Estonian centres evolved somewhat differently, with different cultural links, local and international. It's a pity we can't have both in good shape.
Raymond08 Mar 2017 20:25
What is the logic in building above 2 main subway lines? Sounds precarious to me!! It has also come to my attention that there are 2 towers(one at 42 storeys and the other at 38) proposed on either side of Tartu College. Wouldn't this compromise privacy, block sunlight and create traffic congestion?
Ingrid09 Mar 2017 20:01
I think it will be impossible to permission to setup a new firing range..

That would be a monumental task
Ingrid09 Mar 2017 20:10
so parking will be an issue for sure

right now we struggle with enough parking... and you are saying that Beside Tartu College that parents will want to drive around looking for a parking spot.

Best to keep the Eesti Kool at a church... with parking. Baptisti kirik would be the best solution.. subway access and parking... Peetri Kirik not easy to get to via transit and no parking... Also... the image makes it looks like a large space.. I think this is an illusion and not to scale.

would be happy to be proven wrong
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A proponent of moving forward10 Mar 2017 07:56
Sadly, the current EH has become dilapidated. Pails in hallways and periods during which there is no heat. Clearly, the place would need an incredible (and I mean INCREDIBLE) cash infusion to be bought up to current standards. Cans of paint don't deal with the issue that the oldest part of the building is a 19th century school house having a 19th century boiler heating it. Let's make things work to get a facility we can all be proud of. Let's make Madison Avenue work!
to proponent10 Mar 2017 10:16
I think we all can agree that things can't go forward the way they are at the present EH.

Before blindly endorsing the Madison option, I need to know that we can properly house our community in the stylishly designed building. How many people can the largest hall house? I would love for someone to provide more concrete facts here. If not, we will have to wait for the meeting on March 29 at EM on Broadview.
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